Angels nowadays


Texts translated by Lorenzo Bermejo Thomas

Human beings are a “plural entity” with eternal energies that we call angels. We live in a dual state with countless variants, male-female, day-night, pleasure-suffering, spirit-matter, peace-war, and we have to return to Oneness, without despising any of the opposites, but by bringing light to matter to illuminate darkness, and by bringing matter to light to make the shadows disappear.

If highways in our current world are quick channels to reach in less time distant points of our geography, we can also say that what the “Angels, messengers of Divinity” have done and are doing among us in this XXI century is exactly the same.

They act as emissaries, going up and down the so well known Jacob's ladder, inserting us in a surprising, unforeseen but effective manner, in the world of healing, ethics, ecology, and even our personal growth.

Each one of the angelic manifestations, those virtues, represents aspects of our interior, which we can access through a colour, a symbol, certain incense, a prayer, or even an attractor. Some are more pure and fight for “negativity” not to prevail, others mediate for us not to fall in the error of mistakes and get lost in the categorical duality good-evil, and others help and direct us.

This is the “highway” the angelic energies have provided us with, this is the personal and untransferable path that each one of us must follow, helped by the signs and driving the vehicle that each of us chooses to reach his proposed target.

We know that each cardinal point has its angelic representative, Gabriel in the North, Uriel in the South, Michael in the East, and Raphael in the West. Knowing their virtues, in this same order we know that Will, the ability to Irradiate, Equilibrium and Healing are in that same place, the same as the element, Earth, Fire, Air and Water that each one represents. They are the four guardian angels that watch over every “awaken or sleeping” being.

Each one of us is also those elements, those virtues and symbols. All this is in you, in me, in each human being, but you probably haven't “worked” with them, so you haven't yet discovered that not to lose your North, you must practice your Will, you must “connect” to the energy of Gabriel for him to accompany you in the unfinished task you must accomplish.

To attain balance, Michael in the East will help you if his attractor, his perfume, his gem, his colour, and also his symbol, Air, and a correct breathing, is used; both will collaborate so as to make me willingly balanced... and if I show respect for my own nature, how am I not going to show it for the Nature that surrounds me?

If I know, value and love myself, how am I not going to love what surrounds me? How am I not going to show respect for you?

But even more, if I awake the virtue of Raphael, (in Hebrew, Rapha: to heal, and El: the Lord), or in other words, the healing of Him, I will understand it isn't enough to be willingly balanced if I have areas in my life that must be healed, if I have something to “wash” with water, the symbol that Raphael represents.

Logically, what Uriel, my South, will irradiate, is the consequence of the internal and external work on my earth, in my air, in my water, manifesting through his fire, that doesn't burn but that human heat emits, that can't be seen with the physical eyes, but that all perceive and assess because it can be “seen” with the eyes of the soul.

There are no magical wands in the internal personal work, everything has a price, and our own virtues wait to be awakened by us to discover ourselves through them.

The steps of that “energetic pyramid” are infinite, they are waiting to be convened and used.