Astrology is the science that studies the effect of heavenly bodies on animated and inanimate objects, and the reactions of these to those influences. It also studies the angles between planets and their visible effects on humanity. It shows us that in the Universe, harmony and symmetry exist, and that each one is part of a whole. In this sense, it should be understood as a philosophy that helps to explain life, not as a “science or art of prediction.” Nevertheless, Astrology has to be considered a subjective science.

The purpose of Astrology isn't to blame the planets for what happens to us, but on the contrary, to learn to know ourselves through planetary indications. When we clearly see our own being, we can discover new qualities in our interior, and our life can be more complete and productive, with a more specific aim.

It's a scientific instrument useful to connect the mind and the soul inside the Universe. It helps us understand spiritually and psychologically our growth and transformation. It can indicate for us the critical moments and their causes. It deeply explains the meaning of the different phases of life.

We are all born under certain coordinates that are defined by the location, the date and the hour of our birth. Depending on these variables, we can know the aspect of the sky in the moment we came to Earth and the exact place where the planets, the Moon and the Sun were in relation with our place. This is the way we do our Astral Chart. In it, each planet impresses some characteristics, the same as its relation with the remaining planets. The Zodiac Signs are a way of dividing outer space; the same as the Zodiac Houses, although these are based on the place of birth. The signs can be considered the field of action; the houses are where the action happens, and the planets are the force or motor power.

In its origin, Astrology is divided in four parts: Meteorological, Global, Native and Hourly.

The qualities that should adorn human beings in their initiatic path through lives also participate in Astrology, this means, CONSCIOUSNESS, LIBERTY, LOVE.


Human beings, before they are born, do a pact with themselves being conscious of the next life in which they will incarnate. They chose the day, month and year of their birth. The time is very important also because it defines the Ascendant. The longitude and latitude of the country in which they will incarnate is also chosen to develop the next life experience. The place, time and date of our birth will determine our personality, virtues, defects, the environment in which we will evolve, the people we will know, etc... Our “life”, in the end.

Although when we are born we are unaware of this “plan” previously defined by us in a state of Full Consciousness, during life, day to day, we will advance in attaining that Consciousness.


The being is born free with memories of the past to go to the future, as the slabs in a chain that are joined by past, present and future. Because we have free will, we will choose what will tie us up in life or not, this well depend of our set of values, which at the same time is defined by the specific characteristics we impress in our life in the moment of our birth. Our hindrances can be economic, family, material, matrimony, sexual... Depending of our actions in life, we will be accumulating or purifying our Karma. Each person is free to choose how to live these situations.

A baby is free when he is born; it's the environment that will condition him, the customs of the country where he is born, family education, school, and the habits that each one chooses for himself. All this is a conditioning, but it's freely chosen.


It's love, putting in practice the actions of love, what will help us to travel the path we have chosen in the diagram of our astral chart. Through our astral chart we can know the position of the houses, signs and aspects of the planets, which will give us the information about how we will live our astral map and the influences upon us. Every astral chart has favourable and unfavourable aspects, indicating the difficulties we should learn to overcome, and which can only be overcome with love.