Cities of the Past

Texts translated by Lorenzo Bermejo Thomas

That the science of Archaeology has a high adventurous component is something that both literature and films have accustomed us to with all sorts of masterpieces.

The History of Archaeology is in itself very rich in episodes that show a high degree of adventure, risk, and also legend... and to make matters worse, if we join it to the mythology that encircles its deities, to the initiatic characteristics that impregnated the secret rituals of those that inhabited its ruins, and the architecture that still surprises the “awaken” visitor, we enter into the magnificent world of underlying mysteries and of eternal reality.

Art, initiation, Mythology and History is what the Archive of Operative Mystic wants to show in this section, describing meticulously the daily life, the dreams and the culture of twelve cities of the past localized in the Middle East, Italy, Egypt and Greece, near us, Mediterranean and fertile since our past and towards our future.

We will describe METAPONTO and the places where Pythagoras taught. We will visit PETRA and its silence and magic location; we will discover ABYDOS, THEBES and MEMPHIS, and there we will show their arcane architecture, their incomparable site, and their Egyptian mysteries of initiation. ATHENES will astonish us with its Philosophy and culture, from which HERCULANEUM and POMPEII were nurtured. We will walk through OPLONTIS y STABIAS in the Gulf of Naples, buried in the year 79 of our era to show to posterity all the art and refinement of the citizens of the Roman Empire. We will enter in the Temple and the streets of JERUSALEM observing the history that impregnated the West from our nearest East, and DELPHOS will show us its hidden oracle, full of wisdom and rawness.

Walls, maps, photographies, graphics, graffiti, documents, texts, mythology, legends, architecture, life and death of the past, will show us in these twelve cities that human beings haven't changed that much, and still yearn for their path of “eternal return” from this present time in which we stand, and still long for the future of our mysterious existence.

On its own –we communicate– this section of the Archive is an important part… a guide for those who seek for their origin in the people of the past.

As you will see, it's the part with more illustrations, and we have done it according to the saying: “an image says more than a thousand words”. We've joined these words and images to enrich your mind and… why not? For you to have the courage to visit these Cities of the Past. We are sure that, from their Egregors, they will SPEAK to more than one of you...