Texts translated by Lorenzo Bermejo Thomas

The name that identifies us explains the type of studies we undertake, because we have been able to receive, discover and share the benefits of the Virtues or Angels, that from our birth to our death or return to the Father, accompany us, awaken our Consciousness and update the Set of Values with which we act in this life, to our own advantage and to the advantage of Humanity, to which we belong.

It's logical that we would like to answer the questions that many people ask us. ¿Do they really exist? ¿What are angels? ¿Are they those beings depicted in iconography with immaculate white clothes, enormous wings, and an “angelic” face that look at us from the paintings in which they appear, that take care and protect us under their white wings? Such description wishes to find a symbol that represents them, but angels are much more than that.
We know what in the Lateranense Council IV, in 1215, the Catholic Church asserted: angels exist. We also believe it.
In the Concordance of the Scriptures there are entire pages that take us back to moments in which they participated in the events of Humanity, and that can be read in the Old and New Testament.
Anyway, we feel we should start by answering the question ¿What is an Angel?

This term is derived from several languages: from Hebrew “malakh” (delegate or ambassador), from Persian “angaros,” and from Greek “angelos” (messenger).

We understand that their mission is to transmit to Humanity a divine message, as “agents” that serve God: Bless Yaveh, you the angels, which are powerful and obey my commands (Psalm 102, 103-20).
In Daniel 10-13/21 they are designated to take care of nations.

In Apocalypse 1-20 they take care of the Churches. “The seven stars are the angels of the seven Churches.”

They help us to be faithful to God and to fulfil our mission, Psalm 91, 11-12, where we read: “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”

They are evangelists (Luke 2 10) that announce the good news of the Incarnation and Resurrection of Christ.
And as we know by their last messages: their energies help us for negativity not to prevail, not letting us fall in the error of mistakes so as not to get lost in the categorical duality good-evil, and putting us on the path and assisting us with their infinite virtues.

In Matthew 8,36 16,27 and Luke 9,26 we are told that “The Son of Man will come in the glory of his Father with the saint angels,” with reference to the “parusia” or second return of Christ to Earth, in which the angels will have the role of being witnesses of the supreme judgment.

Now that we und

Now that we understand what we think they are, the following question would be: ¿How to connect with them? ¿How to access their virtues? ¿How could we receive the benefit of their invigorating action?

Many are the paths, ways, roads and highways to access them, and it's only human beings who can connect all that potential enclosed in our interior, that strength and energy that is waiting to be used.

Jesus told us “For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” This is what we are up to and this is why we will share it with you that have visited this site, surely not by coincidence.

In these pages we will share the information that each one of you can use and put into practice, as nobody can delegate his own work to others.
What we can truly assure you is that you will receive a hundred for one, because any planted seed will multiply itself and fill us with benefits.

And so we invite you to keep sharing to your own advantage and to the advantage of all beings, the situations, actions and moments that surround you, the “connection” with the Divine Energies, which are waiting to be called on to reply.

We give you our warm welcome on this road, which we sincerely share with you.